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Somewhere In My Memory

This John Williams Christmas classic has grown to be very endearing especially if you grew up watching and re-watching Home Alone. With or without the movie attachment, this piece has been on every Christmas playlist (Almost).  It’s not surprising to

Tokyo Banana

Tokyo Banana is one of the most recommended souvenir snack in Japan . This sponge cake must-have  comes in a packaging which is wrapped in a sturdy stationary paper with the logo. The product is pretty enough to  give as

How to Apply for a Japanese Visa

A trip to Japan can be daunting as the percentage rate of getting approved seems to be difficult in the past. However, for the past few years  more and more Filipinos are able to secure a visa approval from the

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La Luna Sangre : Ang Simula

The pilot episode of La Luna Sangre started last Monday. Sine I have no idea what the series is all about. I will try my best to make sense of everything. Hopefully, this first episode gives us first time viewers

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La Luna Sangre Full Trailer

La Luna Sangre (Blood Moon) is a horror- action  fantasy drama series. This is the third installment of Lobo and a sequel to Immortal.  I haven’t watched Lobo and Immortal but I’m going to go ahead and watch the third

Spanish Sardines Pasta

spanish sardines ingredients

I’d like to share my  version of Spanish Sardines Pasta. This not the original Pasta con Sarde. I would have loved to make this pasta with the original ingredients but I wouldn’t know where to get pine nuts and fennel

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Humans of New York on Music

Humans of New York Horn

Here are the Humans of New York music related entries. If you’re a musician  this is something you can relate to. 1. “My horn died recently. The metal wore too thin and it lost its resonance. I feel like a

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I decided to end my work week by stopping by the food stalls in the mall where I take a ride home. As I was aimlessly walking by the various food booths, the sizzling fat gyoza in the hot pan

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Bag of Beans 2017

bag of beans main entrance

Bag of Beans in Tagaytay has been around for years and during the times we’d visit Tagaytay (quite often) I’d the see the place jammed packed with cars and in a few occasions cause slight traffic because of the the

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When the leaves fall down.. My heart cries a little more. My heart falls like leaves…

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