Bag of Beans 2017

Bag of Beans in Tagaytay has been around for years and during the times we’d visit Tagaytay (quite often) I’d the see the place jammed packed with cars and in a few occasions cause slight traffic because of the the cars going in and out of the place.

Also, I’ve heard a lot of recommendations and seen a lot of social media posts about Bag of Beans but for various reasons never got around to try out the place until now.  So, what do I think about the whole hula baloo about this place?
 I think this place was awesome. From the outside it looks like a regular cafe/ restaurant but the ambiance inside is a feast for the eyes.
The restaurant has 2 entrances 1 is right along the main road where you are greeted by Bag of Beans merchandise, from   bag of coffee beans, bread, pastries, to  souvenir mugs.
road entrance of Bag of Beans

Road Entrance

The other entrance, which is the main entrance is by the side, where the parking space is.
bag of beans main entrance

Bag of Beans Main Entrance

Bag of Beans Main Entry

Bag of Beans Main Entry

Guests are welcomed with an roof made of umbrellas and a host/hostess who will  assist you  and escort you  to wait in a sort of small “Christmas Cottage”. Yes, a cottage filled with Christmas decors.
bag of beans Christmas cottage

Bag of Beans Christmas Cottage

Seating will depend on whether you are going for buffet or Ala cart. I wasn’t able to get a chance to check out the buffet section but I did hear  a group of customers saying that the buffet food was just “okay”. So, I guess it wasn’t impressive enough entice customers to go for the buffet for 600+ per person.

Since it was a Sunday, the place was packed with people and it took a while for us to get seated. We ended up sitting under the umbrella tables which is not a preferred table.

For those who didn’t want to be placed under the umbrella tables  were asked to wait until the staff was able to secure another table for them. I think this is very nice because not all restaurants will relent to this,especially on a Sunday.

Although, I’ve heard good stuff about this place, I have was not able to check food reviews.  It took  a while for me to place my order.

Here is the menu:


The wait staff was very patient and told me to take my time. After a few mins. he cordially suggested that he’d get started with the other orders and come back to take my order. I think, this is a good part of service training where the staff was able to take control of the situation and still be courteous.

While waiting for our food. We were given complementary bread. The bread was served warm with a side of butter.

bag of beans bread

Bag of Beans Bread

The Main Courses comes with a choice of mashed potato, fries, salad, plain or garlic rice. served with buttered vegetables.

Note: If you are getting the Fish & Chips and want it with a choice of salad or fries etc. The chips from the “Fish & Chips ” will be removed and replaced by whatever sidings you’d like to get.

This is kinda weird since the Fish & Chips is a set meal itself.  The chips should be included regardless if the customer wants any of the free sidings.

The food arrived around 15 to 20 mins. as promised.

bag of beans flamed tuna belly

Bag of Beans Flamed Tuna Belly

bag of beans main course side salad

Bag of Beans Main Course Side Salad

The flamed tuna belly came with buttered veggies and lettuce, cucumber, tomato garnish.  My dad got the salad as siding. We were pleasantly surprised to see it was more than we expected. They also gave extra salad dressing.  The fish is moist and  tasty, not flaky and dry.

bag of beans baby back ribs

Bag of Beans Baby Back Ribs

My Mom got the baby back ribs which was recommended by the wait staff.  The ribs came with the buttered veggies  and  the potato wedges as siding. The ribs was very tasty and tender but  you’d have to exert a little effort to get meat off of the bones. Over all, it was good.

Bag of Beans Roast beef with buttered veggies and garlic rice

Bag of Beans Roast beef with buttered veggies and garlic rice

I got the roast beef as recommended by the wait staff. Being a true blue Filipino I got my dish with a side of garlic rice. The roast beef was soo tender, juicy and tasty.  The knife was just gliding through the meat.

Bag of Beans Cappuccino

Bag of Beans Cappuccino

In the natural order of things, desert comes next but in our case, there was no more room for that, we were so full. So, I just got a cappuccino. I don’t know what a great tasting cappuccino should taste like but this one was decent and I was quite satisfied.

I was just sipping my cappuccino while people watching and enjoying the cool Tagaytay temperature.

After or before dining, you can check out the bake shop where coffee, jams, bread, souvenirs are sold.

Bag of Beans Merchandise

Bag of Beans Merchandise

Also, I’d like to include how nice the rest rooms are, well, at least for the women’s washroom.


Artfully designed to make you feel comfortable. More importantly, it was clean considering there was a lot of customers going in and out of the restroom.

Here are more pictures of the place.


Over all, I was really impressed with the place. It also helped that I have no expectations.  With the fast food chains and restaurants from Manila flocking this city,  it’s easy to just settle and enjoy the burgers, combo meals that we’re used to because they’re  familiar and safe. But it’s more rewarding to go for the local restaurants (such as Bag of Beans) to truly enjoy the charm of Tagaytay.

Bag of Beans 

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