Humans of New York on Music

Here are the Humans of New York music related entries. If you’re a musician  this is something you can relate to.


Humans of New York Horn

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“My horn died recently. The metal wore too thin and it lost its resonance. I feel like a widow. The best horns are handmade, and each one is a little different. I’d been playing it for twenty years. It was with me through my graduate degrees, my first job, all my major competitions, and when I finally got my dream job at the opera. I knew all its deficiencies. I could do so many things with it. I haven’t been able to replace it yet. I’ve had this new horn for seven months. There was an immediate attraction, but the more I play, the more I worry. The mouthpiece doesn’t quite seem to fit. But even if this relationship doesn’t work out, I’m sure there will be another. Hope springs eternal.”


Humans of New York Cello

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“I’ve been trying to get into a full time orchestra for the past 20 years. I’d guess I’ve been to over 200 auditions. It can be pretty heartbreaking. I tried out for the New York Philharmonic four times. One time I prepared three months for the Los Angeles Philharmonic audition, flew all the way across the country, and they cut me off after twelve seconds. But believe or not, I still have a certain amount of optimism about the process. And I think I’m getting better.”


Humans of New York Violin

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“Schools have really shifted their focus to testing, and music has really become more of an extracurricular activity. It’s almost treated like a sport. My class used to last almost an hour. Now it’s down to thirty minutes. By the time the kids get seated and settled, we’re almost out of time. It’s a shame, because music helps to teach focus and discipline. You really have to commit to an instrument to master it. There seems to be more of a ‘popcorn mentality’ among students today. As soon as something gets difficult, they’re onto something else.”


humans of new york julliard

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“I graduated from Juilliard recently, and just earned a trial with the London Symphony.”
“Was there ever a time when you wanted to quit?”
“It was harder when I was younger, and all my friends were outside playing. Back then my Mom really kept me practicing. But then I hit a point where I began to love the instrument, and I really couldn’t imagine my life without it.”
“How did you know when you reached that point?”
“I guess it was the point where I’d learned enough that I realized how much more there was to learn.”


Humans of New York Carnegie Hall

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Normally I have to approach people for quotes. But this kid walked right up to me, held his certificate in the air, and screamed: “I played at Carnegie Hall!”

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