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The pilot episode of La Luna Sangre started last Monday. Sine I have no idea what the series is all about. I will try my best to make sense of everything. Hopefully, this first episode gives us first time viewers a subtle peek as to what has been going on in the story as this is the third installment.


The pilot episode opens to a scenic view of a provincial road. WOW!

Then the scene cuts to a young man talking to his girlfriend on the phone when suddenly, a man in black appears in front of the car.

Lover boy jumps out of the car to check on the man in black but found no one. Then suddenly, the person he was looking for was behind him. Man in black assaults and bites lover boy. Did lover boy die? who is lover boy? At this point we are left to wonder. All we know is, the Vamps are here.

Next scene takes us to a school with school children being chased by a Vampire. OH NO! But wait..

Baristo, the man in red calls out to the Vampire Gael. Tension starts to build up with the help of the background music but is short lived when Baristo asks the wolf children to tickle-attack Gael and then laughs to himself. What is going on then? Our bafflement is cut short as the backstory is narrated to us viewers.

For the longest time the Vampires and Wolves has been mortal enemies. The Prophesy says that the destined Vampire  and the destined Wolf will fight till the end. The destined ones, Mateo and Lia fight it off with each other but fell in love instead. Therefore, bringing the 2 waring factions as one. Mateo and Lia became the respected leaders bringing peace to the alliance.

The backstory ends as a history lesson for the young pups. The history lesson is cut short with the appearance of Benji, the leader of the Luna (a branch of the government that knows the existence of Wolves and Vampires).  He bursts into the building with determined strides.

On the second floor, the council is discussing about the rise of the SMV corporation against the LLU corporation when Benji opens the door and calls out to Frederick.

The next scene takes us to the roof top where cloaked dude is waiting for something. Then lover boy ( from the beginning of the episode) is being dragged toward the hooded creature. Sadly, lover boy’s life ends here.

Back in the conference room Benji accuses the council of being behind the disappearance of 20 people which includes lover boy. The council denies the allegations which leads them to suspect that outsiders are behind the killings.


Meanwhile, away from the city and the politics, Mateo, Lia, and their daughter Malia, lives peacefully in the province. Malia wakes her parents up to help prepare for the corn festival. However, she finds that her dog, puso (heart) is missing. She runs off to look for her dog. Luckily she sees her friends and they, help her find puso.

We the viewers are lead to believe that the 2 main characters cross paths, but NO! Malia finds her dog and Tristan finds his spider.  As of this moment we have no idea who Tristan is.

All we know right now is that Tristan is a witty street smart kid who catches spiders and sells them in town.

Mateo and lia helps the with building the float for the corn festival when they saw a wolf lurking not far away. The felt immediate fear as Malia is in the fields. They got off the float and run towards the wolf. They got cornered by the wolf and tried to defend themselves. When they thought they’d meet their end. The pup licks their faces and runs towards the nearby tree and TADA! it was just Baristo.

Baristo visited to ask if they still have their powers or if it would come back again. Mateo and Lia was not sure about it and don’t care anymore because they are content and happy with their daughter, Malia. Upon mentioning Malia, Baristo brightens up and says ” She rose from the dead”.

Flashback: Apparently, Malia is still born. In order for her to live, her parents, Mateo and Lia gave up their power.

Baristo reminds the couple of the  giant moon which will appear in a few days. The giant moon will be the indicator if they still have their power. If  Mateo and Lia remains human after the giant moon. They will be set free from the council and they may go on with their human lives. Bristo also mentions that Frederick will be at the corn festival to see if Mateo and Lia are truly humans.

Also, Baristo informs them that when they left the council there are Vamps who left the agreement which affected their businesses. The LLU corporation is in danger because of the rise of the SMV corporation that is dead set to bring them down. The council also learned that this corporation is being run by Vampires.

Now, they can only hope that the competition is strictly business. Before the can proceed further with any discussion. Malia yells hello from the fields. Baristo immediately goes into  wolf form and disappears.

On the other side of the fence. Antonio waits for Tristan to come home and when he does, Antonio asks where he’s been, Tristian refuses to answer him. Therefore, the kid gets punished.

On the day of the corn festival, Malia dresses as a police officer as this is her dream profession (going off theme). But before they get to the festival, puso goes missing once again. Now, Malia and friends went ahead and looked for the dog. On the cornfield, Malia’s friend finds puso and leads Malia to the end of the corn field. Shocked and devastated Malia tightly hugs puso and cries her heart out. Puso was 14.

Next scene shows Tristan rushing off to the wood shop bringing his earnings from spider hunting. He goes home with the purchase hidden behind his back. His father, Antonio waits for him at the entrance of their property and grabs Tristan by the shirt and asks him where he’s been. Shocked, the wooden purchase falls to the ground. Now, it is revealed that he bought his father a new cane. Tristan explains that this is the reason why he always leaves the house, to be able to buy a new cane. Antonio, too surprised and embarrassed walks away, leaving a crying Tristan, who in a few minutes left the house running.

At the corn festival, Mateo and Lia is aboard the float when Frederick arrives. They acknowledged each other with a nod. Slowly, the giant moon is now approaching, slowly covering the sun.

Frederick rushes inside the car, being careful not to turn into a wolf in front of the people.  The council too, are waiting for the giant moon to arrive.

In a cavern somewhere, the rebels and the cloaked man who killed lover boy also waits for the giant moon.

Mateo and Lia await for their fate. Will they stay human?

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