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Humans of New York on Music

Humans of New York Horn

Here are the Humans of New York music related entries. If you’re a musician  this is something you can relate to. 1. “My horn died recently. The metal wore too thin and it lost its resonance. I feel like a

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When the leaves fall down.. My heart cries a little more. My heart falls like leaves…

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Forget The Day

Midnight signifies the start of a new cycle. Although, no one feels it until the darkness gives way to light. With the dawning of the day, ushers in hope and renewed faith. However, the time that lies ahead seems to

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Begin Again

Great things start from small beginnings and usually these beginnings start with the young. Well, it is preferred that it starts with the young when the mind is malleable, free of any prejudice,and complications. However, beginnings that start with adulthood

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